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Message the staff

General Office: info@smammop.com

Pastor: info@smammop.com

Parochial Vicar:  info@smammop.com

Hispanic Ministry: info@smammop.com

Business/Finance Manager:  pnowak@smammop.com

Finance Manager:  jcomastro@smammop.com

Assistant Finance Manager:  jbell@smammop.com

Facilities Manager: ideleon@smammop.com

PT Facilities Manager:  pderosa@smammop.com

Receptionist: lmills@smammop.com

Religious Education Coordinator (children):  nblakely@smammop.com

Music Ministry: musicdirector@smammop.com

Deacon Kenneth Hall: khall@smammop.com

Deacon Barry Taylor: btaylor@smammop.com