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Staff Member: Fr. Robert Coine

Staff Member: Fr. Robert Coine

Fr. Robert Coine

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Fr. Coine accepted the position of Administrator of St. Michael the Archangel/Mary Mother of Peace Parish on November 10, 2015. Fr. Coine accepted the position as Pastor on April 28, 2106.

Rev. Robert Coine, ordained in 1976, was the former pastor of the Sts. Peter and Paul parish. He retired from Parish life after 38 years of priesthood, 16 of which were spent in Easton at Sts. Peter and Paul.

Sts. Peter and Paul Church has other ministries, St. Michael's Missions Church and Old St. Joseph’s Mission Church.

"To announce my retirement is somewhat incorrect because there is no retirement from priestly ministry. I am a priest, and along with all of my human frailties and weaknesses, will continue to serve the church until my last day on Earth,” Fr. Coine’s letter said. His involvement will just be in another way.

He will be moving to the Rehoboth area where he will reside in a house belonging to his family.

Not a decision he has made lightly, Fr. Coine has been planning his retirement since 2010.
“My decision was not a hurried or rash one, but grounded in prayer, reflection and some priestly camaraderie …,” Fr. Coine said.

In October 2010, he reached the end of his second six-year term, a standard time for a pastor to be with a parish. He wrote the priest personnel committee requesting an extension to stay at Sts. Peter and Paul until his 70th birthday in March 2013. Now approaching his 71st birthday, his request for retirement is being fulfilled.

Because of the busy nature of Church, Fr. Coine said he has not been able to fully reflect on his upcoming retirement. He admits that as it approaches rapidly he has begun to think back fondly and emotionally.

“(Priest’s) lives have to be supported like anybody else’s, but who are those people for us, they are the parishioners. They are our family,” Fr. Coine said. “It’s not without its bumps and hurdles, but it has been a good journey.”

Originally from Pennsylvania, Fr. Coine first came to Sts. Peter and Paul in the early 1990s as an associate pastor for two years. He then was made pastor at a church in Caroline County where for six years he led that church through an expansion and renovation.
After completing that, Fr. Coine was approached to relocate to Sts. Peter and Paul as pastor.

Fr. Coine retired in 2014.

Photo of Fr. Robert Coine