Why Register?

Are You Registered?

If you are new to the area (or maybe not so new) and would like to become a member of our parish family, you can register by completing the form found in the back of the church and returning it to an usher or the Parish office or here, on the website.  Please click here to register with St. Michael The Archangel/Mary Mother of Peace.

Why Do we Ask that you Register?

This is particularly important if you need to request the Sacrament of the Sick in emergency situations. 

Additionally, to be buried in a Catholic cemetery with some Dioceses, the cemetery requires a letter of testimony that you are a practicing Catholic.

When you require a "Catholic in Good Standing" letter to be considered as a sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation, we must have a registration on file for one year to testify.

Change of Address/Mail Held While Away

Help keep our database up to date!

If you are a registered member, this will enable our parish to serve your pastoral needs.

Advise the office of: any change of address or telephone number, or if you are moving out of the parish.

We also ask your cooperation to know if you are having mail held while you are away because your envelopes are returned to the Parish office.